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Urban Sketching at Manchester Cathedral

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Manchester Urban Sketchers at the Manchester Cathedral for the afternoon. My urban sketching adventure started at Huddersfield train station (no trains from Halifax to Manchester due to rail works over the weekend).

Urban sketching at the station and on the train

Urban sketching at Huddersfield train station and sketching on the train by Sophie Peanut
Making the best of waiting… sketching from the platform at Huddersfield train station and then on the train to Manchester

I arrived early at Huddersfield train station… and the train was delayed. So I had plenty of time to sketch the platform until a train blocked my view.

I sketched a few people on the train until the carriage filled up and I felt too self-conscious to carry on! I now regret I stopped – I didn’t capture the girl in the black hat or the lady with the kids… I felt my sketchbook was quite big and everyone was looking at me (probably all untrue of course). What a shame – I shall be braver next time… and I’ll bring a small sketchbook too – for discreet urban sketching!

Drawing Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral in pen and watercolour by Sophie Peanut
Back view of Manchester Cathedral – spilling out of the page

The weather was very grey but dry(ish) so I chose to sketch the back view of Manchester Cathedral. I did draw a quick pencil outline,  but my drawing still didn’t fit on the page and went over the fold of the book. I like the St George’s flag on the church for Remembrance Sunday.

Finding shelter!

Inside Manchester Cathedral -Pen and Watercolour painting by Sophie Peanut
Drawing inside the cathedral to escape the rain!

Of course, urban sketching in winter in the UK often means rain… and the weather didn’t stay dry.  We moved inside the Cathedral. It was difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the grandiose, detailed architecture. I chose to draw an archway on the side of the building.  It was really peaceful drawing in there as various people played music and sang.

I later drew the organ player below.

Organ player in Manchester cathedral - Watercolour and pen sketch by Sophie Peanut
Sketching inside the cathedral was rather peaceful experience. Various people palyed music and sang. I sketched the organ player.

Home time after a pleasant day urban sketching

Next thing I knew it was time to head home and walk back to the train station. I carried on drawing on the train until the carriage emptied and I was left drawing my own reflection in the window.

Very pleasant first outing with Manchester Urban Sketchers, thanks to Liz Akerley who organised the day. Great urban sketching experience!

Train sketch by Sophie Peanut in Watercolour and pen
I only had time to draw this one lady before the carriage empties… Slightly spooky ride back home!

Sketching Manchester Cathedral by Illustrator Sophie Peanut

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