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Illustrated Recipe Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Perfect Start to The Day - Illustrated Recipe Eggs in Tomato Sauce
The final artwork for my ‘Perfect Start to the Day’ illustrated recipe – Pen and watercolour

Perfect Start to The Day – An illustrated recipe in pen and watercolour

For this illustrated recipe Eggs in Tomato Sauce, I wanted the end drawing to be joyful – what better start to the day than a tasty and happy breakfast? I decided to draw the letters dancing around like music notes, to convey the feeling of energy and rhythm I was after.

Eggs in tomato illustrated recipe sketch
Quick first layout and concept sketches in pencil

As usual, I scribbled a few ideas in pencil in a sketchbook first. Once I felt I had the main steps organised and the general style of the recipe nailed down, I moved on to draw a full-size pencil outline for the final drawing. This recipe is very simple so the pencil layout and the final watercolour painting are pretty similar.

Once I have a pencil outline in place – I can ink the drawing with a bold confident line and start having fun with colours! Here I let loose with watercolours and splashes to create the vibrancy I was after. After the first coat dried, I went back in to add details, the shading on the lid and extra colour in places to make to colours pop. Bon appetit!

Find my illustrated recipe eggs in tomato sauce and more on They Draw and Cook

You can view all my illustrated recipes (and many more by other artists) on the They Draw and Cook website. I hope their huge collection of mouth-watering food illustrations inspires you to draw and cook!


Eggs in tomato sauce - Hand drawn recipe by Illustrator Sophie Peanut

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