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Behind The Scenes – Square Chapel Anniversary Illustrations

There are jobs you wouldn’t do for all the money in the world. And jobs you would pay to do. The Square Chapel 30 years anniversary program illustration is a job I would have paid to do. Just don’t tell them!

Sketching the Square Chapel Halifax - Drawing by Sophie peanut
A study sketch of the Square Chapel building, in pen, watercolour and pencil.

I always love working on local projects, because I feel a special connection with the work. But I would have enjoyed this project if it had been about a place miles away.

First of all, I had to draw a gorgeous building – the historic side of the theatre and the beautiful new extension too. Then, they also wanted an illustration of the history of the Chapel’s art centre. I won’t spoil it, but it’s rather incredible. See for yourself and look at the “30 years” illustration further on.

What more could I have wished for? Maybe hand lettering? Well, wish granted, I had lots of lettering to draw too!

Water colour painting of the Square Chapel by Sophie Peanut - designed for program cover
This is the program cover illustration – drawn in pen and watercolour. I swear the spire bent down to fit the page when I said it was too tall to fit an A5 format.

Square Chapel program cover

Because it is familiar to everyone who goes to the Square Chapel, I settled on a classic view of the building with the church spire at the side. The girl with the balloons is ready for the anniversary party! I hand-lettered the logo and title on the cover too.

Printed Programs for Square Chapel - Cover designed by Sophie Peanut
The printed programs, ready for theatregoers to flick through.

Look at what can be achieved in 30 years!

I really enjoyed illustrating the history of the Art Centre as well. After, all you don’t get to draw violinists in hard hats every day! Look at how it was transformed from a derelict building to a thriving cultural centre with a busy cafe/bar and new cinema. Seeing what they have achieved, I won’t ever say you can’t do anything with just £25!

I hope the illustrations help to make their anniversary special – and bring plenty of spectators to the shows.

Square Chapel illustrated history by Sophie Peanut
The illustrated history of the theatre. Starting with humble beginnings where performers and spectators had to wear hard hats and finishing with the modern extension that opened last year.

Square Chapel Program Cover - Watercolour painting and hand lettering by Sophie Peanut

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  1. Judy

    Hi Sophie,
    Is it possible ever to see you sketch people live? I am working on sketching people and would love to see you sketch in action. Do you offer classes?


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