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Sophie Peanut (Sophie Baxter) - Picture with sketchbook

Hello, I’m Sophie Baxter. Online I’m Sophie Peanut.

Since I was little I have been obsessed with drawing, painting, writing and all things creative. To this day, I like to carry a sketchbook to draw the world around me. So, you might find me drawing on the streets, in cafes or on public transport. If it seems like I’m frowning, don’t worry it’s my concentrating face. Come and have a chat if you like and I promise I won’t bite.

I am passionate about storytelling. Whether it’s through pictures or using a combination of words and pictures. In my spare time, I enjoy urban sketching and like to draw illustrated recipes. I work with a mixture of pens, pencils, watercolour and digital media too.

Sophie Peanut (Baxter) drawing in her sketchbook

Becoming an illustrator

I always wanted to be an artist, but I was told no-one earned money out of art. Although I didn’t fully believe this,  I got sidetracked into ‘real work’ and spent years helping run and build a small family business.

Yet, I still drew. A few years ago, I decided to share my work online and started to get illustration commissions.

More about me

I live in Halifax in the UK with my husband and three children. When I haven’t got a pencil in hand you might find me running, walking or (don’t laugh!) learning Karate.

Sophie Peanut -sketching in the Lake District

Passionate about drawing

When I draw in public I often hear ‘I wish I was as talented as you are’. Although it is always flattering to find people like my work. I know talent has little to do with it.

You probably wouldn’t expect to play the piano flawlessly without learning and practice. Yet so many expect to be able to draw or paint without learning some basics and putting in hours of practice.

While we won’t all become professional artists, I believe that with a little guidance everyone can learn to draw and enjoy both the drawing process and the pictures they create. The benefits? I could go on forever but here are just a few:

  • Most of all: enjoyment and pride of having learned a new skill
  • Ability to communicate visually (essential in today’s digital age)
  • Enhanced creativity that will spill in other areas of your life
  • Relaxation and reflection time
  • Improved mental health

I share some of my illustration processes, drawing tips and more on my blog and I hope it will inspire and encourage others to have a go at drawing too.

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