Christmas Illustrations: I Was Really Thrilled To Draw Film Stars

Back in September, I sat deflated, wishing I hadn’t accepted a job for a set of Christmas illustrations. It was a really cool job so I should have started it skipping and singing. But within a few hours of receiving the commission, I learned my Grandma had died.  She had been unwell for a while and she was old, but her death still was a shock.

So I had to complete a job with a tight deadline. And travel hundreds of miles to the funeral and back. And deal with the grief of losing someone close. (See my Watercolour Postcards to my Grandma post).

Sophie Peanut's set of illustrations to help promote the Square Chapel Christmas programme
All the Christmas illustration panels photographed together.

Christmas illustrations of festive films

I could have pulled out but couldn’t stand to let a client I loved working for down. I also knew I could complete the job in good time, even if I took time off to travel.

So I started to draw.

The concept was developed by a marketing agency. The commission was for four panels of Chrismas illustrations for the Square Chapel (a local theater and cinema here in Halifax). The illustrations show Mary Poppins, The Grinch, Gizmo, The boy from ‘Home Alone’ and the family from ‘It’s a Beautiful Life’. They all stared in the seasonal films on show at the cinema. Each carried a Christmas card or a gift.

Poster to advertise festive film programme with Christmas Illustrations by Sophie Peanut
Artwork on a poster advertising the Square Chapel’s Christmas programme.

The first three illustrations featured a cutout through which you could see the next illustration panel. The drawings were printed and photographed to create a 3D effect similar to that of pop-up books.

Remembering Christmases past

To start with, I felt rather sorry for myself but as I began work on the project, I found drawing therapeutic. The deep concentration needed to draw turned out to be surprisingly healing.

Christmas illustrations by Sophie Peanut - Local Halifax scene with steam train and Mary Poppins in stormy snowy weather.
The first panel of illustrations features a local Halifax scene with a steam train and Mary Poppins flying in stormy snowy weather.

And memories came flooded in: I had spent all of my childhood’s Christmases with my grandma. I had even watched some of the films featured in the illustrations with her at the cinema when they came out.

It was great to see the posters around town over Christmas. I also got to draw a bunch of film stars – what more could you ask for? I hope it helped spread Christmas Spirit amongst theatre and cinema goers too!

Christmas illustrations by Sophie Peanut with characters of Gremlins, the Grinch and Elf films.
The second layer of illustration with characters of the Gremlins, The Grinch and Elf films and the nutcracker from a stage show too.
Christmas Illustrations by Sophie Peanut with characters from the home alone and it's a wonderful life films.
The third layer of illustration features characters from Home Alone and It’s a Wonderful Life and a sunny snowy background scene.
Sophie Peanut Christmas Illustrations. Postman on Beacon Hill (Halifax) with dog
The last layer of the artwork. A postman next to the local beacon with the Grinch’s dog.
Taking picture of Christmas Illustrations artwork - Sophie Peanut
Champagne flutes can come in useful! Here is the photographer’s set up for the shoot.
Sophie Peanut's illustrations ready to be photographed.
Ready for the picture.
Christmas Cards made with Christmas Illustrations by Sophie Peanut for the Square Chapel Halifax
Christmas Cards printed with the artwork.

Christmas Illustrations for a cinema's festive film programme by Sophie Peanut

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