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Sketching in Uppermill – A Mini Adventure

Sunny Winter day

A few weeks ago I spent a Sunday afternoon sketching in Uppermill, a village in Saddleworth, near Manchester.

I had never been there before. My 5 year old daughter navigated us with the SatNav on my phone. The sun was shinning for the first time in ages. It felt like a mini adventure!

Sketching in Uppermill Church Drawn in pen and Watercolour by Sophie Peanut
Uppermill Church in pen and Watercolour – freezing weather was a challenge. I finished painting this sketch at home.

We arrived early to explore before meeting up with other sketchers. After a walk around and visit to the local the park, we sat for a picnic on a street bench. While Katie finished her sandwich I sketched the church on the opposite side of the street.

The weather was bright but we were soon shaking with cold. We decided to go for a warm drink and see if we could find our fellow sketchers.

People sketching in Uppermill

Only two other sketchers turned up. Who wants to sit in freezing temperatures with stalactites at the tip of their nose when they could be cozy at home! We found a cafe with a heated terrace and blankets. I warmed my hands with a cup of tea and managed a couple of quick people sketches before heading back to the playground with my daughter.

People Sketching in Watercolour and Pencil Sophie Peanut
A couple of quick people sketches. A watercolour wash and watercolour pencil lines – I want to practice this more!

Back in the park I sketched in my tiny Moleskine book while Katie explored the playground. After a while, I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. So we said goodbye to our sketching companions and headed home.

Pen and Watercolour sketch in Uppermill - view from the playground
A quick sketch while my daughter explored the playground in Uppermill

Cosy in-the-car sketch

I stopped for a quick painting of the beautiful landscape on the way home… Lovely to draw from the warmth of the car!!

Painting the landscape on the moor near Saddleworth - Watercolour by Sophie Peanut
A quick watercolour of the landscape. My watercolour brush and had to stop when I had squeezed it dry and  had no water left.

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