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Quick Landscape Sketches

Here in Britain we do know how to appreciate sunshine. At the first sign of sun, we rush outside to enjoy it… While it lasts!

I took advantage a family walk to make quick landscape sketches. After long winter months it is lovely to sketch outside without freezing. I used my Inktense water soluble pencils, a pen, a water brush and watercolour. I spent 15 to 30 minutes on each sketch.

Withens Cloth reservoir Calderdale - Quick Landscape Sketches by Sophie Peanut
A quick landscape sketch – Withens Cloth reservoir Crag Vale

Landscape sketches on the go

I have broken down how I approached those landscape sketches, so you can get an insight into my though process. It is quick – just imagine you are out with family or friends. You don’t want them to wait ages until you’ve finished sketching.

  1. Block main shapes – Outline of the main shapes with an Inktense pencil. I picked a brown or ochre yellow pencil that will blend into the finished sketch. Exaggerate shapes a little to add drama.
  2. Add colour and tone – With a small range of Inktense pencils, lay down areas of tone and shade. The pencil strokes will remain visible on your finished sketch so you can use those to indicate texture too. I do exaggerate colours. A hint of red or purple might become a bright colour in my sketch.
  3. Draw a pen outline – Correct any changes to your super fast pencil  sketch and add detail and texture in your focus area with a waterproof pen.
  4. Watercolour – Colour the sketch with a water brush and watercolour. I work quickly on top of the Inktense pencils. The pencils dissolve and blend in with the watercolours.
View from Stoodley Pike Todmorden by Sophie Peanut
View from Stoodley Pike, Todmorden in pen, watercolour and Inktense pencils
Stoodley Pike - quick landscape sketch in watercolour by Sophie Peanut
Stoodley Pike – view from the other side. notice the giant walkers on the right of the monument! Got so engrossed in my sketch I lost all sense of scale!!
Stooldley Pike Sketch in pen, pencil and watercolour by Sophie Peanut
An other Stooldley Pike Sketch

Quick landscape sketching - How to sketch landscapes on the go

7 Comments to “Quick Landscape Sketches”

  1. Dorothy

    Love your work Sophie. I am a member of the yorkshire Urban sketchers. I love drawing but very timid withe colour. I,m going try being braver with colour. After looking at your work. Hope you will publish a book soon, l,d be first in the queue. Thank you for letting us see your work.

  2. Susie

    I have just started watercolour so I have found your descriptions & watercolour “how-to” helpful. I think I get too hung up on trying to get a perfect image. I need to relax. I love the spontaneity of your pictures. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


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