Hand Drawn Poster Illustration

A few months ago I was asked to make a poster illustration for a theatre company. The printed flyers and posters for the show have just arrived. They look good! (even if I say so myself).

Theatre poster illustrations by Sophie Peanut. Leaflets and posters for My Heart's a suitcase by Clare McIntyre
The printed posters!

The play addresses the fears and materialist longings of the modern world. It is a dark tale. The character on the poster illustration is Luggage. Luggage is a ghost like character. She makes unexpected appearances throughout the play as the Patron Saint of Heavy Burdens. A crushed but ever optimistic character!

The Paper Zoo Theatre Company wanted a hand-drawn, sketch like illustration.

Theatre poster illustration – sketches

Here are the preparatory sketches, drawn from pictures of the actress playing Luggage.

Preparation sketches for theatre poster
Pencil layouts and watercolour sketch
Pencil Sketches for theatre poster illustration - My Heart's a Suitcase
More pencil sketches of Luggage.
My Heart's a Suitcase by Clare McIntyre - Poster Illustration By Sophie Peanut
The final illustration in pen and watercolour

Hand drawn theatre poster illustration by Sophie Peanut

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