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Chocolate Mousse – Hand Drawn Illustrated Recipe

Here is my chocolate mousse illustrated recipe. It’s easy to make and a perfect recipe for chocolate lovers. I have written about how I create my illustrated recipes below. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hand Drawn Chocolate Mousse Recipe

How to draw and illustrated recipe

Here is how I put an illustrated recipe comes together – the recipe for a recipe! Maybe I should I have drawn the process.

Sketch ideas and lay out the recipe

I won’t draw a recipe that I haven’t made, as I need to know the recipe ‘works’ before I draw it. This chocolate mousse recipe is an old family favourite we like to whip up for birthday parties.

The recipe shown in the illustration is made with dark chocolate.  Kids who are used to sweeter puddings might come with the same comment as my son (Chocolate mousse at school is nicer!). You’ll notice he finished his share though!

Illustrated recipe - Chocolate mousse pencil sketch
Quick pencil sketch laying out the different steps

Once I have a recipe I do a rough sketch in pencil. At this stage, I make sure all the different ingredients and steps are included in the final drawing. I find it is easy to get engrossed in the drawing and forget some essential ingredients.

I look up reference photos on the internet, take my own or use a model. For example, I opened a chocolate bar to draw the chocolate on the left.

Final hand-drawn illustration in pen, ink, and watercolour

After a quick initial sketch, I draw the illustration full scale in pencil. Most of the time I change the layout as I go along. I erase parts of the drawing and redraw until I am happy with the composition.

I use a  Staedtler pigment to ink the drawing. I found that unlike others, this pen doesn’t rub off when I erase the pencil line. I choose the colours as I go along, still using references.

To look at more of my illustrated recipes, check out my recipe portfolio page or my profile on They Draw and Cook.

Hand Drawn Illustrated Recipe - Chocolate Mousse by Sophie Peanut

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