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Watercolour Postcards to My Grandma

Sketching watercolour postcards

Before Easter, I told my grandma we were going away for a few days. She said ‘Have a good time’, ‘Be CAREFUL’ (whatever your age Grandmas remain Grandmas) and ‘Make sure you send me a postcard’. Of course, I replied yes to all three.

Blank watercolour postcards and small watercolour palette
Ready to go with a tin of 30 watercolour postcards, my tiny watercolour palette and a pen.

A few days later I remembered a box of unused watercolour postcards, I’d bought ages ago and never used. I dug the postcards out – it turned out I’d had it so long that the tin was rusty on the outside. Nevertheless, the cards inside were in good condition and I had a plan.

Old fashion mail

My Grandparents are in their late 80s and live in a rural community, hundreds of miles away – so we don’t visit very often. As they grow older they go out less and less and are quite isolated. I hadn’t bought or sent a postcard in years, but I had 30 postcards in a rusty tin begging to be used. Why not draw and paint on those postcards and send them to my grandma?

Not just while on holiday, but throughout the year too. Maybe they would brighten up her life a little. They could be something to look forward to when opening the letter box (better than bills and junk mail). For me, it would be an opportunity to sketch more. I was also taken by the old fashion charm of the project in our digital age.

The first postcards

Here are the first few postcards.  Although I broke my ankle at Easter and this has limited my outings,I have enjoyed painting them and my Grandma enjoyed receiving them. My ankle is getting better and I am now looking forward to more varied subject matters!

Saltwick Bay Whitby watercolour postcard by Sophie Peanut
We found this lovely quiet beach while walking along the coastal path from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay.
Packed A & E waiting room - sketch by Sophie Peanut
I sketched this postcard in a packed A & E waiting room – I later found I had broken my ankle!
Happy birthday watercolour postcard with bunch of flowers by Sophie Peanut
Here, I painted some of my ‘get well’ flowers for the broken ankle and turned then into a birthday postcard.
Trees in Spring watercolour and pen sketch on postcard by Sophie Peanut
Trees in the park as they undergo their spring transformation – I tried to turn a mass of greens into a clear picture!
Manor Heath Park Halifax UK - Watercolour postcard by Sophie Peanut
Evening sun and long shadows in the park. I am still not sure how to paint landscape… this one turned out almost abstract!
Watercolour postcard - warm spring day in the park by Sophie Peanut
In the park on a warm Spring afternoon. I painted this while Katie (my daughter) played on the climbing frame).
Watercolour postcard - Halifax Town Hall UK by Sophie Peanut
This is our local town hall here in Halifax. I  find it hard to get used to painting on small 6×4 cards… I had to use force to fit the tower in!
Summer Storm Landscape Postcard in watercolour by Sophie Peanut
A summer storm, it started to rain so I packed up quickly and rushed home!

Watercolour Postcards to My Grandma by Sophie Peanut

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  1. Jasmin Harsono

    Makes my heart melt. What I wouldn’t give to do the same for my Nana 🙂 it’s the little things that count Although quite a big thing with your wonderful skills.


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