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Watercolour Pencils Experiment

Draw and put values down quick

I love watercolours. Yet when I draw on location, I often need to put down values and colours fast and I find I don’t always have time for watercolours.  I’ve wanted to experiment with watercolour pencils for a while. Would they be  good to add colour to really quick sketches?

Could watercolour pencils be a fast tool?

I love Lynn Chapman’s drawings using the Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils. When I draw with pencils, I often find my drawing line is thicker than I ‘d like it… and my ‘Lynne Chapman style’ drawings don’t look a fraction as good as Lynn’s drawings.

Yet there is a little voice in my head telling me I could work out a way of using watercolour pencils that suits me.

During a weekend away I took the opportunity to experiment with a small set of watercolour pencils while my son was watching TV.

Watercolour pencils and pen drawing with collage too - by Sophie Peanut
A quick evening experiment using my new watercolour pencils

I stuck to pen for the outline and blocked the darks with a non watercolour black pencil. Then I put colour highlights with watercolour pencils. Finally, I went over with my water brush and a touch of watercolour to activate the pencils.

A collage experiment

The hotel’s post-it notes were exactly the same heigh than my sketchbook. So I couldn’t resist sticking one in and working over it. It is my first sketchbook collage experiment. I like how it helps tell the story of that moment and adds context to the drawing.

I will try to experiment with more collage elements on my pages.

But what about the  watercolour pencils? I need to work with them until they become trusted old friends. I want to use them to sketch buildings and street scenes.

I like the bright colours that come out when you wet the pencil line. I like how they mix with my watercolour paints too. I am not sure about using them on their own. Yet with a bit of time and patience, they might be a good addition to my kit!

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  1. Kim Brent

    Hello Sophie, I love your illustrations and information. Also I agree about you not having time for watercolour as I’m learning with outdoor sketching and I end up finishing at home with watercolour. So I’m going to give my watercolour pencils more of a go.
    Thank you


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