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Summer Holiday Sketchbook

I have scanned my summer holiday sketchbook pages! There was a lot of sketches and I kept putting off scanning them. It would take too much time… I’ll do it next week. No more procrastination – here my holiday sketches, only 10 weeks late.

Plane sketch in pen by Sophie Peanut
Compulsory plane sketch in pen – Everyone is quite still so I have plenty of time to draw a detailed sketch

Drawing memories

I wish I had drawn more though – regardless of how long scanning might take. There are lots of moments with family and friends I could have recorded in my holiday sketchbook.

People shy

Why did I not make those sketches? I am still shy about drawing people I know. Scared to make a mess of it.

I feel comfortable drawing close family members and unsuspecting strangers. But when I draw friends and other family members a little voice talks in my head. It goes: “They are gonna find it weird to have you draw them”. “You are going to mess it up and they’ll laugh!”. I can’t imagine anyone would laugh at me, but that doesn’t help.

There is a way to shut that voice. It’s to let it talk and draw anyway. The more I draw the quieter the voice will become. I need practice. Fearless sketching, here I come! I shall report on progress.

Holiday sketchbook pages

Here are some of my holiday sketchbook pages. It was lovely to have more time to sketch than usual. I loved sketching landscape scenes outside and I will show more of those sketches in a post on landscape sketching.

Lake side in pen and watercolour by Sophie Peanut
Beach sketch in pen and watercolour
Holiday sketchbook - Lake side by Sophie Peanut
Sketch on a quiet lake side. The beach got much busier in the afternoon.
Bedenac - Grandparents house in pen and ink by Sophie Peanut
In my grandparents’ garden. Their house drawn from the shade of the trees in the back garden.
Interior sketch in pen and watercolour by Sophie Peanut
Quiet sketch before bed – My cousin Yoan’s front room.
Little house in the woods - My grandparents cottage - Sophie Peanut
Looking at the allotment garden from the patio at my grandparents’ place.
Holiday sketchbook - View from the pool from our hotel in Sarlat - France
Exotic view from our hotel’s pool in Sarlat (Dordogne, France).
River side near Sarlat Dordogne France - Pen and watercolour by Sophie Peanut
People splashing about in the Dordogne river near Sarlat in France.
Board games with grand parents - Watercolour
Board games with grandparents – I painted in watercolour first and drew on top with my  Intense pencils white the paint was wet. Everyone looks rather wonky!
Holiday Breakfast Table in epn and watercolour by Sophie Peanut
Taking time to draw the breakfast table.
Lac de St Pardoux - Beach in pen and watercolour
Lac de St Pardoux – Beach scene in pen and watercolour.
Meal out on terrace outside
Family meal out – sketching before dinner. I love to record snippets of conversation.
Plane sketch in pen
Return plane sketch in pen. The sleeping man is a stranger…  my son’s head seems to come out of his body!

Holiday Sketching - Travel Sketching on a family holiday to France by Sophie Peanut


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