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Painting Autumn Scenes

At the end of last year I had a lot of fun painting Autumn scenes. Autumn brings glorious colours, moody skies and dramatic lighting, there’s also  interesting textures of leaves, branches and grasses. It’s lots of fun to capture the changing landscape in Autumn. Because it’s not too cold, you can venture out without freezing on the spot!

Painting Autumn Scenes - Albert Promenade Halifax - Sketch by Sophie Peanut
Pencil and watercolour sketch – Playing with colours and textures

Capturing the changing landscape

While painting Autumn scenes on location you can almost see the leaves turning red and yellow under your very eyes. The weather is moody and changeable and the low afternoon sun creates long shadows.

I try to communicate these emotions in my sketches.  I used colour, paint splashes in addition to pen and pencils mark to create quick sketches.

Autumn Scene in Manor Heath Park Halifax - Watercolour sketch by Sophie Peanut
Autumn Scene in Manor Heath Park Halifax. I tried to capture the colours of early autumn.
Hardcastle Crags - Hebden Bridge - Sketching Autumn in Water colour by Sophie
Hardcastle Crags – Hebden Bridge – the whole scene looked a brown/ orange colour. I used colour and texture to paint this woodland scene.

Painting Autumn scenes successfully

If you fancy painting Autumn scenes yourself, here are a few tips to help you make a success of it:

  • Sketch quickly because the light and weather change fast at this time of the year
  • Focus on feeling the landscape rather than accuracy – paint intuitively
  • Use brush strokes and pen mark to describe the texture in the foreground and middle ground
  • Exaggerate colours a little
  • Keep your sketches loose and lively
  • Practice, practice and practice some more
  • Finally have fun!
Manor Heath Park - Halifax - Pen and watercolour
Manor Heath Park Halifax – Pen and watercolour. Evergreen trees and leaves on the ground you can see the Autumn sunshine  filtering in the background.
Ogden Reservoir - Calderdale - Pencil and watercolour sketch by Sophie Peanut
Autumn sketching on a very cold afternoon at Ogden water. I loved the white tree trunks against the dark undergrowth.
Under the trees Manor Heath Park Halifax - Autumn Scene by Sophie Peanut
Under the trees. I tried to capture the texture of the tree trunks and leaves as well as the changing colours. The low afternoon sun created long shadows.

Painting Autumn Scenes

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